Jul 4, 2019: CRF110 Raffle Announcement!

We want to raffle off a CRF110 and give the proceeds to a local community group. Which group? You tell us! Email us at CRF110@langlandshonda.co.nz and let us know where you think the money should go. Whether it be a school, a sports team, or something else, just let us know. We will pick out 5 deserving groups and put them to a poll on the Langlands Honda Facebook page on Monday 15/7.

The vote closes on Monday 22/7 then the raffle will be drawn live on Langlands Facebook page on 15/8/19 @ roughly 4pm. Raffle tickets are available from 8/7/19 until 30 minutes before the draw on the 15th.

We will be selling the Raffle tickets for $5 each and the bike is worth $4495, why not get involved?

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